Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pat on the Head

Pittsburgh, PA. Rachel and Bill!!!!!!!!!

We’re Hair

Pittsburgh, PA! from Rachel and Bill #1 Hair’s What We Do scouts!

Sweet Shears

Saint Louis, Missouri. Shout out to Rosa!




Shear Genius

Saint Louis, Missouri! Thanks Matt and Christy for the submission!

Razers Edge

Thanks, Sarah!



Shear Perfection

Philadelphia, PA. This is a popular name! Thanks, Scott!

Foiled Again

State Street, Hamden, Connecticut. (Maybe my favorite so far. The owner said “tell everyone what a good looking stylist there is working here.”)

The Best Little Hair House in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA. Shout outs to Rachel and Bill! (Best little domain name in Pittsburgh:

Scissors Palace

North Haven, Connecticut (a gold mine, by the way).

Korner Kutters

Floral Park, NY. (It’s on a corner, get it?) Thanks, Lisa!


Pittsburgh. (Thanks, Bill!)

Beauty Mark.

North Haven, Connecticut. (Note the period.)