Monthly Archives: March 2015

First Impressions

from Rosa in a visit to Charleston. 


Shear Talent

Finally, Len, something we can work with! Point Breeze, Philadelphia. 


Last Tangle

Another Great one from Lillian!


O’Hair’s Salon and Spa

Nice one, Rosa! Gafton. 

Grateful Dreads

New scout Maren completes her first mission! These guys are in Ann Arbor.

A Cut Above

Sophie cleaning up in Wisconsin. Snapped in Marshall. 

A Head of Times

First post from Wisconsin. About times! From Waukesha. Found by Scout Soph on a movie making trip. 

Hair Say

You don’t say, Kevin. Another from Tampa. 

Hair We ‘R’

Kevin’s personal best. Venice. 


Classico near Tampa. 

In the Cut

So many good versions of this sign to choose from! Snapped on vacay in Dunedin 

Hats Off

First of what is sure to be many from the dual Flirida scouting mission. This one’s from Kevin I don’t remember where exactly.