Monthly Archives: June 2015


Portland. Thanks, Corey. Keep traveling. 


Curl Up and Dye

Geoff thought he struck gold with this one. I’d say so. Old Orchard Head reads the sign.

Blown Away

Syracuse. Go, Lynne! 



Copenhagen. First Danish submission! Great find, Carl. Check ’em out on your next trip:¬†

Judy’s Hairloom

From Jake in Portland. Some serious dedication. He went back to get this. 


Shear Class

From one classy head of hair in Ann Arbor. thanks, Maren! 


U. S. Male

From Mike a while ago in Delaware. Just when you thought you had seen it all. This. 


Fresh Hair

From Jon out in PDX. This one never gets old. 



We’ll take it. From scout Sarah in Wannamassa. Check out



Kevin scores one for the blog up in Montreal for the Women’s a World Cup! 


Top Knot

Asheville. Lillian at it again! 



From Lillian in Chattanooga.