Monthly Archives: September 2015

Meg’s Cut Above

Spotted in Newbury by a very new scout, Susan, Alanna’s Mom! Important note from scout: salon is on 2nd floor. 


Hair Say II

Thanks, Mama Case. Moms with camera phone make great scouts! Arlington. 



Thanks, cousin Nick! Milford.



Jon scouted all he could scout in the Bay Area and so relocated to Pittsburgh. His first since the move. 


Hair Du Jour

First submission from new scout Basil. West Philadelphia. 


The Hairbrains

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Lillian finds this in L.A.


Upper Cut

From Lillian in Santa Monica.


Incredible find in Glacier, Washington, from new scout Lauren.


Hair’s What We Do

Finally!!!! Andrew scores major scout points for finding the first Hair’s What We Do for the blog! Thanks for making the trip to Rochester, bro.



The first in a biking scouting adventure by Lillian! Los Angeles. 



Lillian: can’t stop, won’t stop! Los Angeles.