Under One Woof

From Leora in Georgetown. 


First Kiwi post! From Maddy in Marsden. 

Shear Genius

Thanks Lydia and Carl for snapping this one in Albuquerque. 

Hairs 2 You

From new scout Julia in Warren. 


Wow. Great find in Saint Louis from Rosa, of course!

Skull and Combs

Thanks to my bro for this find in our hometown of New Haven. 

Full Blown

Full blown awesomeness from super scout Lillian. Dobbs Ferry. 

Hair Apparent

From new scout Monica! 

Cuttin Loose

From Sarah found in South Portland. 

Hair Among Friends

From recently relocated scout Scoburn. This one in Auburn. 

Shear Beauty

A run of shear genius! From Lydia in Portland. 

Shear Visions

Still got some scouts in Pittsburgh!