Monthly Archives: January 2012

Eastland Hairlines

Pittsburgh, PA. From my friend Kevin.

A Cut Beyond

Hudson, NY. The third of a set from Maija (via Rosa!) Thanks!

Hair We Are

Hudson, NY


Hudson, NY

Mane Street Styles

Jericho, VT. There couldn’t be anything more “mane” about this place. First Vermont submission! Thanks, Josie!

Headmasters Hairstlying

Bristol, CT. I have my Mom to thank for this shot..and, well…for my hair.

Shear Bliss

Canton, CT. Another from my home state, thanks to my mama!

Hair to Dye For

Bristol, CT. Thanks for all the scouting, Mom!

The Grateful Head

San Francisco (obviously!). Thanks, Becky for our first West Coast submission!

Vanity Hair

Canton, CT. This is great one. Thanks, Mom!

Hair I Am

Bristol, CT. Make your appointment hair: Thanks, Mom!

Donna’s Headquarters

Avon, CT. First of a bunch from Mom and Steve. Thanks!