Monthly Archives: October 2012

Hot Heads

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.


Cut the Crap

First entry from Sweden! Thanks to Douglas who snapped it in Stockholm and Regan for sending it along. Check out this crew:!


Here’s one from down the shore. Cape May. Thanks, Beverly!

Hair’s What’s Happening

From Uncle George in Revere. While out canvassing for Elizabeth Warren. Such dedication! Check them out here:

Heads Up Hair Design

From Sussy Rae in Portland.


Another from Jon! You too can visit:

Hot Heads

Cherry Hill. Can’t believe I passed this so many times before noticing it!



Shear Bliss

From Jon in San Francisco. He’s quickly becoming HWWD’s most prolific scout. You can find them here:

Wak Shack

San Francisco. A controversial entry from Angela. Deemed punny by HWWD editorial board w/ back up from urban dictionary. Visit them here: