Monthly Archives: July 2015

lil Whipper Snippers

First North Dakota submission! Good work, Bro visiting Fargo. 


Monique’s Hairlines

From Pieter in Manchester.



In Chicago. Nice find by Andrew. Congrats, Sam on your wedding!

Shears to You

From Sister Susie in Oregon City. 



Thanks, Aunt Kathy on a stop in Brookline. 


Cut Loose

Plattsburgh. Thanks, Francis!



From Corey in Portlands. Both Portland are heavily represented on HWWD.


Jackson. Great to have Wyoming representation. Also possibly the first Spanglish post? 


A Cut Above

First Wyoming submission. Thanks, Cousin Nora! Jackson.


Great Head

Boystown, Chicago. A great one! Thanks, Len.



Bangin’ Len. Can’t hardly keep up with you. Portland, I think. 


Head Games

Len on a trip north. Portland.